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The art and polish in this are just amazing... I just replayed it after almost 3 years and it's still one of my favorite games :)


Also, could you upload Just Passing Chapter 2 to itch? Thanks!

sure thing - done :)

By the way, your Scratch journey and Gamemaker games have inspired me so much to do game dev :)

was this made in rpg paper maker?

this was made in GMS2 :)

hey I remember your game witch, I still love it to this day, currently I make games in unreal engine and gamemaker studio 2

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Dind't you made games on Scratch like 2 years ago? Because I think I remember you. Like the game of that Witch or something :b


yup that was me


Great looking game but you need a better coder. I can offer free help if you want and have a list of known bugs. 

I could not play it because of a game breaking bug.

Dang - harsh words as the programmer here haha

What bugs did you find? As far as I'm aware there isn't any game breaking bugs unless you're using some funky browser I'm not aware of?


a small bug report

- when we find something, the character gives a special pose with that object above.... but then, if we press enter, the character goes behind the white layer.. just disappears

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I don't have the code for this game anymore so sadly it's not something I can fix :(

I guess just don't do that - haha

Edit I found the code - This is something I'll address

haha it is fine :D


this game is pretty fun for a short game, I liked your other games so its no surprise that i liked this one to. although I got lost with some parts, i manage to find my way around. good job on the games.

Really cool, but I don't know how to get the "Souls" By the way great pixel art!!!

nvm just figured it out

What must i do here?

Collect the souls from the ghosts - if you are having issues, I recommend restarting the game - some people report an error where you can never explore, even after talking to the ghost at the station



But why am I punished????


Hello, I had followed you on scratch, I am moving on now but I had a question what language do you use for your games.  

Who you saying this to I'm confused about this website 

someone else, look them up on scratch username jconway1

This was made in GameMaker 2 - though it's a paid software, I recommend something like Godot - it's free and equally if not better than GM in a lot of ways


I absolutely adore the vibe of this game, I can't explain it, it's just a feeling when I played it. The art, animations, and music are beautiful, and the humour is my type. The responses and effects on text do something to me. I know this game isn't new, but just wanted to express it! sHaMe I hAvE nO cAsH~

I like this game. I did a 3 part let's play on my YouTube channel if anyone wants to check it out. 👻


This is SUCH a good game! I love this so much!!!!!!!


I really enjoyed this game a lot. It took me playing Nothing to realized that I have played another game by you before. I just didn't know which ones. I really enjoyed both games but, I feel that this one was my favorite out of the two. I definently want to play your other games because I like the styles of them. 


Thank you Morgashimer! This was made in about 4 weeks compared to Nothing which was made in 2 days which probably explains the polish in this one haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it I really want to come back to this one someday and finish it off


help ghosts rest in peace

get sent to hell

no good deed goes unpunished.



I did a playthrough video of your game, wanted to let you know!

i dont get the ending but it was a cool gam

Wow never seen The Game ever!

Good Design Game!

Good Controls.

Great music.

Love Character!

what do next Sequel do? 

Likely Theme and Horror feels like Adventure.


Short and simple but very smartly composed, the pixel art is amazing and the music is nice, too! I love it!

thats pretty lit man



So charming, Joel! Really loved the humor, and of course the look and feel of the game is very pleasing. Well done!

Thanks Crabby it always means a lot coming from you 


Fun, cute, short, bouncy game. The concept was great, was pixelated really well..... overall Loved It <3. The lake monster was cool tho! heh.....

Good job and thanks for makin the game. 

Are there any other games like this  by you guys?


Not right now - but the response has been so positive on this that I'd love to continue the story or work on something similar eventually

Nice work! Loved the art, music...  the whole experience in general.

Although, I still don't if I ever used the pizza :/

But that ending tho... lol

Thanks for making this game, high five o/


The mouldy pizza is all dried out and needs watering - then the ghost in the flower shop will like to see if it - if you got the ending though you probably already saw that haha


I just walked for couple of minutes and nothing else. It felt soo good!! Love it!


Super cute! Love the art style and the music and the overall vibe. Also like the story/quest aspect to this game! Good job and thanks for participating in this year's darktober game jam!

Thanks for hosting 5targuy


Hey I loved the concept, look, and feel of the game. The main character is so bouncy!

Definitely enjoyed the whimsical elements like the crow. Let us know if you guys plan on expanding this~


I do I plan on expanding this game - It's just whether or not I ever actually do haha - Thanks for checking it out

it was pixelated well! nice story maybe more actions in game?


Thanks! Yeah I plan to add decision boxes to certain objects like the vending machines - if I can get that working in a convenient way I’ll probably add some other actions to other objects tok

its by the way awesome loved it!

 Try my game: (Hardcore)

Fun game! I think there might be a bug with baseball case, though. It just kept telling me  that I couldn't get into it even though I had the hammer. Luckily I checked my inventory and it was there, but it is a little confusing . Otherwise, solid little game. I liked all the ghosts. If you ever want to make another version, it would be kinda cool if the ghosts were all people from her life that she can't remember right now. And maybe finding all the eyeballs reveals another hidden ghooost. Might help with hashing out a stronger ending.  Over all, great build! 

Oh dude that’s a really neat idea I’ll have to see about incorporating that in - I was talking to a friend and they had the idea of continuing it to other areas of the after life too I feel like there’s a lot I can do with the concept

As for the error I’ll look right into that thanks for bringing it up 👍

Cute, short, and definitely fun. The ending leaves a bit to be desired, but it was well thought. The only problem is when I talked to some people they skipped their first phase of dialogue if I had the right item, even when I had never talked to them before. Really it's a minor bug, but it did leave me confused at first. Overall though amazing job. You could probably sell this on steam to make a bit of money.

Thanks ItzCole Yeah I had noticed that too - I’m gonna go back and link the events with the quest tracker which should fix this issue in the future

And the ending is super rushed - It’s definitely a place I wanna improve and add onto 

Thanks for the feedback 

Pretty cool game! 

I got stuck at the soda/drinking quest. The whole go collect 50 cents, spend and then collect again was a bit boring though. Maybe it can be improved. I still enjoyed it though.

That’s a fair point. Thanks for the feedback KENAMICK

I’ve planned for the vending machines to have an update to them in the future that will let you read the contents inside before buying them 

Currently the various vending machines explain what’s inside them when you don’t have any money - and the descriptions are designed to help you with that quest line