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what was luke's score

this is a pretty fun game for a birthday present,  i hope he liked it.

this is pretty cool for a simple birthday game lol. however there's this glitch during the bossfight if you move to the left path, I get stuck on this weird screen where nothing happens and I can't move

oh nice catch - just looked into this - the room is going to an old test room, I'll have to update that


I like the art of the game it's neat and well made. Speaking about gameplay, it's pretty good. The reloading system is great, however, the HUD location for it is very bad, as it distracts from movement which is essential for staying alive.
Anyway, it's a nice game for a friend, great job.

Hey Man, thanks for the comment - I totally agree, honestly I just wanted to trash the UI but I loved the idea of seeing the bullets in the chamber -  If I have some more time I'll find a better way to draw it in a less distracting way


The problem isn't in the visuals, mostly about the position.