This is just a work in progress

Sara Sol is a girl with a parasol - she uses it for just about everything. Jumping, attacking, gliding, you name it, shes probably gonna try doing it with the parasol first.

WASD - Move

J - interact

M - attack

Updated for none qwerty keyboard

arrow keys to move

space to attack

Z to interact

try jumping again in the air will double jump, holding jump after a double jump will let you glide, and you can do an aerial attack if you attack in the air too.

Also includes xbox gamepad controls.

note: this game is laggy as a HTML5 game, but I figure for a prototype its a good way of showing it off. Plus for whatever reason the camera just doesn't want to work properly either.

Added some new tiles, enemy effects and spikes - there's health, but as of right now there's no death

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Published 68 days ago


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Is there more than one level? I have gotten to the "end" of the first, both men dead and next to the parasol, but it seems to just stop there.

Sadly no - I ran out of time. Technically there's other areas in the game, but they can't be accessed. 


Wow I love the concept, specially when you get the glide ability :D

thank you :D