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Oh a GlITCH! When you go out a House and dash you fall under and zou cant back please fix the glitch

Is the Witch from this game the same as the one from WITCH: A Halloween Adventure and Candy Coven?

probably not. This game is a seaquel to

pssst joellikespig/ Jconway1 whens your next game coming???

I don't knoooow coding is hard my dude - but Rumbo is pretty fun 

i know but... I really like your scratch games. come back soon! keep the work up thanks to your scratch games my platforming coding is more polished!

I need more of this game devs!

really good and cute game, hope to see more of this!!!

Your art is as good as thechaotics

Your art is as good as thechaotics

I really enjoyed this! Your art is P nice :D

Thank you so much glad you enjoyed it :D

Just finished the gam, nice one.
Hoever I just couldn't find a way to get that hamburger behind the stone wall.
Also there was a star pot behind some walls that I couldn't get.

How do I do these?

The burger is actually just a fun easter egg of sorts - I'm almost certain you can't get it without breaking the game at least haha - as for the star pot I'm fairly certain that would be the watering can one of the NPC's asks for - you can grab this once you have the boost gem and following the path around

A very cute little game.

There were some issues with the dark surfaces. But that is not a major one.

Loved this. Keep going!

What a great little game. I've done a full walkthrough with no commentary. For a first game this is really good and I had no issues at all during game play. Good luck Devs



Thank you that's really neat :D glad you enjoyed it

@ ~14:57 in the video there, how do you get in there to that guy? Or can you not?

a pretty good short game the only problem i had with it was it was perfectly fine in the light areas but the dark areas were a big problem with frames....i would go from 30-40 straight to about 15-18 but other than that it was good.

Hmm interesting I'll have to look and see if I can reduce that problem in any future games I might use this effect on - thanks for letting me know :D

I just watched your lets play - it's the first one I've seen of something I made myself - that's really neat - It was fun watching you play through it, though yeah I noticed quite the slow down - I'm curious if its because of the recording equipment being used but I'll have to poke around and see if its a common problem - thanks again for checking out my game :D

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I also experienced a reduced frame rate in the dark areas.

Hmm well if thats the case I'll look into fixing it as soon as possible - thanks for your reply :D

I first heard about Witch - A Special Delivery from Waypoint's article, This Tiny Metroidvania Game Is the Real Witchy Shit You Crave, which piqued my interest. 

In a gaming landscape full of intense role-playing games and first person shooters this was extremely refreshing to play! Well done! I have zero knowledge of game development but it must not have been easy, and required a lot of effort.

There were a few typo's and grammatical errors within some of the descriptions and dialogue, but nothing major. I would happily volunteer to proof read future games if you need an extra helping hand. 


Short and fun! Cute game.


Nicew and cute

What a sweet comment :D

This looks great! Though I'm not sure if I'll be able to play it with my mac.

What did you build it with?

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I built it with Game Maker studio 1.4 and a lot of encouragement from my girlfriend :D

Also I'll try and upload a Mac version this weekend when I get chance


Super cute game! Especially like all the power ups and how powerful you feel at the end. 

There were a few times where I was able to get to places I shouldn't have. Like before the broom boost, I was able to get over the gap by timing a dash and double jump and then wall climbing to barely make it across but honestly it wasn't too much of an issue haha

The only other thing I felt could be better is maybe the main weapon and the knockback in the game. The main weapon felt a tad weak even though the damage was good, especially since you had to be close to use it. And the knockback was inconsistent in the direction it sends you so sometimes if there were a lot of enemies you would get bopped around and  not get the chance to reorient yourself. Maybe have the arc be wider or switch to a straighter shot so the weapon has more flexibility and tone down the knockdown a bit so it's easier to react to.

Other than that really great job on the game! \(^-^)/


Thank you so much this is some really good feedback - I like the idea of maybe adding a different weapon, the arcing weapon does make things a little difficult - maybe if I make a sequel I'll think about adding variations on that. Thanks for checking out my game much appreciated :D


Very nice looking game!

Thank you! :D


Hey a familiar face - thanks for checking it out it means a lot 👍


thanks man!