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Long ago a witch of immeasurable power roamed these lands vanquishing foes and righting wrongs, a powerful witch loved by all a true chosen one.  You aren't this witch...but maybe you could be? Collect eyes of newt to discover your path unlock abilities to traverse them and blast foes with an endless supply of candy.

Demo release 

Game art and code by @JoelLikesPigs

Music by @ViktorKraus2

Please leave a rating and a comment once you've played the game. Your feedback is really valuable and will help us improve on things for the final release. 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, Cute, Female Protagonist, Funny, GameMaker, Halloween, Metroidvania, Pixel Art


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Such a shame this seems to have been abandoned. It had so much potential.

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Hey there! I love the game. The original game on Scratch is my favorite scratch game. But I'm kind of stuck. I can't figure out how to get to the basement of the post office. The only elevator option is "Cancel", what do I do?

Edit: Figured it out. For anyone else struggling with this, use the left and right arrow keys. (I have a reputation of getting stuck on the most obvious things) Anyways, the game is great. Unfortanetly, I don't think it's still being updated. 

If memory serves right, I played the demo ages ago.
Have there  any new things happened in regards to this game?


I'm not Joel so I don't know for sure, but on his twitter, he was updating candy coven until about this time last year. Then he started working on a futuristic themed metroidvania which he is still working on now.

Best game ever!

this is one of my first game in this platform and i LOVE IT i hope the game gets atleast more content since i explored every corner of the gameand i really wass play it with some new levels too thanks for makin this wonderfull game


Can you walljump? because I can NEVER get up the walls even with the jump feather.

So first off, this is shaping up to be a fantastic game. Unfortunately, the creator doesn't seem to be reading the itch page anymore. Anyways, there are a few problems. If you die in a pit of poison, the witch's sprite can be seen on top of the poison. You can move while the pause screen is up by transitioning rooms at the same time you bring up the pause screen (pressing up or left/right and enter at the same time).

PS. For others out there, Joellikespigs has a twitter account.

Hi Strawbreevee - I still come back here every once in a while, and thank you for your feedback. I forget but I believe I've fixed these bugs in my current version, but this isn't publicly released.

Thank you so much for your feedback though, it's genuinely much appreciated.


There were a few problems, I kept glitching underneath the stairs and the game was not letting me move.

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hey, theres are some bugs that made it unplayable for me. (these all happened after the dream. and in their house now) if your holding C while entering & exiting a room, you get softlocked. once you exit the house to goto the shop, you immediately start flying towards the edge of the screen and out the map, resulting in another softlock. a restart/retry from last checkpoint button could help aswell. other than that its a real cool game.

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Amazing game (I played it on my old windows laptop) btw will there be a Mac version cuz I swapped to Mac so like plz make one :p

Really fun and cute  game! I wish it had fullscreen and controller support though :(

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Really like it, the combat and level systems are fun, the dialogue is good, art style is great.  It's just really rough in some ways.  For one, the controls.  It's really rough without an Xbox controller (which the game doesn't natively support so far as I can tell).  Being able to use a mouse to attack and aim while using WASD to move would help that greatly, as-is it feels like playing a console game on an emulator. I also feel like the up movement key should be both to aim up (when held) and to jump, kind of like Smash Bros.

You get stuck if you go in the second portion of the basement, where it says the demo ends.  Can't jump high enough to get back out.  It also says the demo ends even if you go there immediately after the post office, had to read the comments here to learn there was actually more to it.

The wall-cling mechanic is a bit awkward, it feels like you get stuck to the walls and it's hard to get off since you have to move away from the wall instead of simply letting go of the directional key to drop.

There's also an invisible wall on the path to the post office, after the portion with the toxic water, where it loops back around to go down to the third portion of the path.  Doesn't stop progress, just looks and feels weird getting stuck wall-clinging to air.

Definitely looking forward to and will buy the full release!

Thanks rewindrepeatit, It's rare I get such in-depth comments, this is great I can really use a lot of this to help improve the game. Thanks for taking an interest

I tried the game and i like the art style :), but there are some bugs that can heavily effect the game. i'm not sure if it just me, whenever I enter a random room, the character just starts moving by herself and sometimes even fall out the map, and random invisible collision boxes appear in the rooms making so that I cant progress without quitting. other than those 2 its a great game.

Hey Kirby - Thanks for the info. That glitch is a known one and I'm working on fixing it - still not entirely sure what's causing it to trigger though, thanks for letting me know

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It's such a cool and cute game! ;D

There is some bugs but nothing to worry about.

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I just gave the demo a try and I love these kinds of games with this silly sense of humor and cute style. 

Review video I did if you like

I liked this game a lot but had to stop to a litle bug i think, i was stuck in the bathroom in the post office basement after switching room back and for too quickly i couldn't get thtrougs door anymore .

Lovely music and gameplay


That’s really bizzarre I’ll look into it today and push out an update sorry about that not sure what’s causing it 

I'm not sure if it's because of me switching door. When i got out of the elevator, i couldn't go left because the plant was blocking me. I though it was on purpose but i watched a lets play and it looks like its possible to get through. So i don't know what happened sorry. Cool games anyway !

just saying, you cant @ link somone

Yes I love the whole Witch Delivery Game saga

I love the game, but apparently I'm stuck in the post office.

I am not entirely sure why it happened, but I couldn't move left or right in the basement, due to invisible walls.

Then I auto moved backwards in the ground floor level transition and now I am stuck with the mail head, as both exits are blocked by invisible walls.

Played it from the start again and again have an auto move-back in the post office and be trapped in a room (this time basement bathroom).

Hey there Maxine - looks like the demo had a bug that was causing that - it should be fixed now sorry for the late reply I only found out about it today 

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Can't wait for the next demo, and the finished game!

found second angel in secret room back home... double jump doesnt reach high enough to get back out, so needs either platform in the entrance 'pit' or a busstop in the room.

Ah! That's a good catch I hadn't thought about getting stuck in there - It's an easy fix to make though, thanks for letting me know

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After you find angel statue 3, its not added to the fast travel options

Also when you are in the lock pick menu, you can open more of them in the background

That's an interesting one I'll look into that


First of all: Cat Mom  (=^・ェ・^=)

I love this! There were so many fun things to find, especially for a demo. I found myself wandering around and jumping against all the walls to make sure I hadn't missed anything. I love being able to interact with the environment in non-essential ways -- knocking over garbage cans, hitting NPCs with candy, etc. It makes the world feel more real.

Also, the music is incredible, and the pixel art is so charming and full of life.

I'm so excited to play a full game of this. More more more, please!

AH! What a positive review - thank you! I'm Glad you enjoyed it - it's been a lot of fun working on it so far and I'm quickly working on the full release :D

A thank you also from me :) It really gets me excited to hear that kind of feedback, it makes the work really worth it, so thank you!

I have just been to the post office and am completely stuck, got the double jump

That's pretty much the end of the demo - Theres some places you can go to for example going right, outside of the post office area you'll find an angel statue that gives access to the test rooms 

I have done those, got to three things saying this is the end of the demo, yet there was only one boss, so I thought there was more, and the test area had more items ect

btw, I found you via scratch! I have plaed each version of witch


its too easy, though, you can just buy a few things and hold x , maybe make enemies shoot projectiles, or some stronger common enimies, but generally a great game, love the pixel art, the game is soo polished XD

That's the plan - I'm still toying around with the difficulty, but the first area is supposed to be fairly easy to introduce you to the game - later once you have around 10 health enemies will start doing more damage, be resistant to some attacks and have more difficult attack patterns.

Plus the upgrades at the convenience store will have their cost's adjusted eventually

cool! :D cant wait!

I like the secrets, there is just two in the demo?

is the person in the third gif in the game yet?

Not in the demo sadly - Thanks for the feedback on the difficulty - I plan on having harder enemies placed in later areas and scaled up enemies that will have more health - It's cool seeing people coming from Scratch to see the stuff I'm working on - glad you enjoyed the game so far


Will you be developing the game further into a full release?..thanks in advance for your time, the game is awesome so far and would love to see it for sale on steam in its complete form :-)

Thanks for the compliments and thanks for playing! Yes, a full release is planned :)

Thanks Batmobilly - The game is planned for an eventual release, so far I've implemented 2 of the main bosses with another 2 to go and 2 more mini bosses on top of that - once those are finished I can start working on the areas they'll be found - its a lot of work but I hope to finish it this within the year

Cute and quirky, the art is lovely and there's lots potential. And I like that you can attack pretty much everyone. :)


Thanks for the playthrough - It's fun watching someone play your game for the first time, glad you enjoyed it

Very good demo, but found a few bugs 

In the very first room, the right side is kinda weird to go to.

If you jump right before a cutscene (only tried at the first one) you will fly and stay like that till the end of the cutscene.

The bus stops aren't working and couldn't go to the test rooms (which was very sad ;-;)

Found a missing note btw, 1 out of 10,  are there any more in the demo? And I though I'd find a secret at the top of the basement after the double jump but it just led you back to the start of the room.

Though the tutorial was very good, I didn't figured out you could run until very late in the game, and got a bit stuck at the barrels part.

It lagged a lot in the basement and the inventory, don't know exactly why.

Loved the game, the humor is just perfect, the visuals are so cool and cute, and the movement felt very, like, you want to speedrun it (I'll probably do it when it launches)

The combat, though kinda easy at least in the demo (the first and second bosses you could just spam candies), is very unique and will probably be one of the coolest parts of the game

Sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil, and loved all of the games from you that I played, and this one seems like it will be great too

Thank you for your reply - some excellent feedback here and exactly what I'm looking for

Sorry that the bus stops weren't working they should be - did you buy the bus pass from the convenience store? If not I'll run a few more tests

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Its just that the only place I could go to was back home, and pressing right or left triggered a sound effect, but nothing happened

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I cannot jump high enough to go to the post office, and i can't move the barrels to go under!

(really good game though, very long for a demo i think)

Edit: found the solution! I was just stupid xD

Glad you got it in in the end

really good game, too bad that the demo is so short.
Also the bus stop doesnt seem to work. Only choice there is "back home", even after finding the 2 demo end statues there is no choice for the test rooms :-(

AH! Ok that's unfortunate I'll fix that asap I must have left out a line of code somewhere my bad

Wonderful humour, awesome music and satisfying animations :D
Since it's an early demo I also came across some bugs, which I'll mention shortly^^

Vases in the prologue area will "lock" your animation state, eg. falling or running, if you overlap them.

The "wiggly" behaviour of chains etc. sometimes  seems to go in the wrong direction (opposite of player movement, depending on the point of entry into the room, eg. first basement room) and might probably need some tweaks to be less... jittery?

chains can potentially trigger wallsliding along them (at least the long chain in main basement room)

The sign in the 7/11 is in front of the witch

Gary will already wait in the break room before you got the jump feather and will mention it.

The chains holding signs in the post office will react to the player, while the signs themself stay still.

Seems the test rooms are not working currently? (bought a bus ticket before I reached the end of the demo), only can go "back home", even if I'm already there.

Also the  with will in many cases show the "!" for interaction before transitioning to a new room, but pressing interaction doesn't do anything.

Last but not least, I'm using a QWERTZ keyboard, which makes playing indie games that use arrow keys and ZXC attacks/interactions a bit more difficult. Hope to see a key rebind option in the future^^

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Thanks for the compliments and thanks for noting all the bugs! :) I'm actually also using a QWERTZ keyboard (you're from germany?), I just changed the keys in the control config (you can open the menu by pressing "enter"), then you can just play it with the intended layout.


Didn't know the menu was on enter, I tried esc XD


I hadn't considered escape for opening the menu - I should add that thank you for the feedback and I'll on that fixing the test rooms