This is a game for the 45th  Ludum Dare Game Jam:

Theme: You start with nothing.


This game takes the theme quite literally, starting with no controls, no music, no sounds, and slowly progressing with new and eventually useless upgrades.

Average play time is about 10 - 15 minutes.

Controls: WASD / ARROWS / SPACE / Z / X / C / SHIFT

Install instructions

Post jam versions are now available - they currently don't add much, they fix a few glaring bugs and make some things more obvious

Easy mode has only one real difference - the big pounding machines at the beginning no longer hurt you if you walk into the side of them. Making the first section much easier to time 

Personally I think it comes off a little too easy so I recommend normal mode


Nothing - Ludum Dare 45 (Jam version) 29 MB
Nothing - post jam - Easy 29 MB
Nothing - post 29 MB


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Hey! Dumb question so I don't torture myself; is there any special thing that happens if you unlock everything? Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back n all.

There was going to be, but I just didn't have the time to code anything in. There is a little place that you can go to the right of the "squeaky shoes" upgrade if I remember correctly - but it's been so long since I made this I can't remember haha



Short Video:

So I must say, what a funny game LOL. I loved this idea of being able to unlock everything from the bare basic controls to the music, a good game developer can take this game in so many ways where the player would for example, not have the ability to move, but he can still jump so he would be on this moving platform where he have to collect the the unlock controls and properly play.  

The idea of unlocking things aside from Controls was also a good extra touch, ( no spoiler, but I got a very annoying fairy ;) ) its very funny when your characters get dressed up with blocks you choose, what a fun idea.

this is amazing

love the art style!

u should make a yt

I fucking love this game! GREAT JOB!

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somente comentários em inglês kk, mas o jogo é bem bacana, parabéns


so cute! Also sorry but I broke it. Multiple times.

Kind of glitchy at some parts (got stuck in walls and had to reload the game) , but it was pretty great :)


A fun and creative little game. Love how it loops in on itself.

Nice game ! :)

This game was awesome and hilarious.



I love this game so much! You've done such a good job taking a simple concept and turning it into something that gives you a real reason to play through multiple times! Good job!


I also played it and I challenged him to beat my score of 2 deaths. Spoiler - He got 3.

Here's my video - 


I have played your game and enjoyed it immensely! Such a simple concept that proved effective.

I posted this on r/indiegames and a lot of people loved it and commented on how awesome it is!

I finfished the game with blue mode on

I just jumped and pressed right and down afterwards to make me glide right.

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backtracking makes it so you can't get the "final stretch" checkpoint again, this feels like a major oversight and makes the final bit very frustrating to play. the game shouldn't punish you for exploring like that!!

(the worst part is having to ride the elevator again EVERY TIME)

i seem to have fallen down the right side of the elevator shaft by crouching in the elevator?


Maybe it's a feature to keep super secret blue mode on :)

it wont let me play on browser, why?

makes me nostalgic for newgrounds, which is a nice feeling


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I really enjoyed this game a lot!! It was super cute and fun and everything ran smoothly!! Great job!

Really well done :D
Great mechanics, good amount of humor. And that elevator music XD


I really enjoy only being able to move in the left direction here, it puts this unique constraint would otherwise make a traditional platform game unique. Also the humor killed me , good job Joel!

Finished the game beeing blue, hungry, with a hat, a fairy, a radar, and an elevator music. LOVED IT !


I really REALLY like this game. It's funny, looks great and is hella fun. Good job!

Thanks Mr Kitkat - glad you enjoyed it

Made a video


Outstanding style and feel. Got stuck on the "Careful Now" platforms, was never able to time the jump correctly.

ah I just saw your message on the LD page - You can move the camera up and down using the W/S or the up and down arrow keys, that should help with timing the platforms a bit better, I never explained this in game though so you not knowing it is entirely my fault. I'm working on a fix for this now

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Loved the game!!! Felt amazing to play. The game feel effects are very well executed.

One thing - I did not realized that I can look down (did not unlock it explicitly or I missed it?). Therefore, in the part in the beginning when you need to look down to see the elevator It was hard to figure out what to do at first.

Did not realize how much challenge you can have by only walking to the left! :)

(PS: the elevator was super long and I encountered a bug there that from the left of the screen I got slingshot-ed behind the right wall :P)

Thanks sheeproid - Ah that bug is a known issue, I thought I had fixed it before submitting to the Jam but is managed to find its way back in. Yeah sadly the up and down camera view is never explicitly told to the player, however it is unlocked from the start - I need to think of a natural method of giving it to player - or maybe just another upgrade at the platforming segment would fix that

hey man whats the ludum dare link i want to rate it



Nice game ! Ididn't find the link to vote on Ludum dare, pelase share it :) ! And if you have the time, try mine, it's also a 8 bit game  :) ! 


I liked it! What is its Ludum Dare entry link? Let me vote it there.


Great idea and execution, I had a great time playing it ^^ 

Both the art, narrative and design work really well together to make it a enjoyable experience and having some small jokes scattered along the game makes it even more enjoyable.

One of my favourite things of the game is how it's the charismatic intro lets you know perfectly how the game is gonna work, making it a natural tutorial for the player.

I would really like to see an extended version of the game where picking and upgrade disables or overwrites another making you adapt to the change.

Thanks for making it!

Thanks David! Thats an amazing idea and I would love to try that out. Thanks for checking out the game I'm glad you enjoyed it


Wow Joel this was so lovely!! The assets are stunning as always and the movement/effects feel really juicy. I really like your use of the theme - starting off with a player that has no properties and abilities and slowly acquiring them. I think having the movement so restricted (ie. only being able to move left for a while) was so great, especially for gamers used to platformers like this, it feels really debilitating. And then so freeing when you finally gain the ability later! The level design following each new major acquisition was great too, allowing the player to explore and appreciate their new capabilities and restrictions. It's a great exemplar of graduated tutorials/skill mastery and level design. I loved the silly upgrades too - the elevator music, fairy that just says "hey, listen".

I'm a little disappointed in the commenter I saw below framing their negative experience as if it were an objective judgement of the game, or as if they understood what care went into making it/where you spent your time. I had the complete opposite experience and was extremely impressed by how much polish and content you put into this, and I found the humour really subtle and well-delivered. It's possible to deliver constructive critique without being mean or framing your view as if it's the definitive one - we're all different people and even if you don't like something, someone else might. Claiming something fails because you personally didn't like it is silly and not helpful feedback.

Aaanyway, I can totally see this being expanded into a larger game; each ability acquisition could be expanded and given even more time, to really push the edges of what the ability can do (or what you can do by combining one of your old ones with the new one). But of course, even on its own this is a really great game and excellent execution of the "you start with nothing" concept. Great work, Joel! :)


AH! FC you really do put the Friendly in friendly cosmonaut. Thanks so much for checking out my game, it genuinely means a lot because I probably wouldn't be anywhere in gamedev without folks like yourself providing tutorials and insight on game development.

It is unfortunate that criticism can come off a little negative from some users, but it's commenters like yourself that make making games a real thrill. Thanks again and I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game.


Haha this was really sweet. The beginning part was a bit unforgiving and I would have liked to see what all the other upgrades were. But the art is very pretty and the jokes were pretty cheesy (in a good way) :v)

I'm gonna need a copy of that chip-tune Girl From Ipanema song though!


Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it - and totally I struggled a bunch with the earlier parts when I was play testing the game - I think its because we become quite dependant on traditional platform controls like adjusting ourselves mid air to fix a jump. Without it, it's like you have to really think about your next move.

Glad you enjoyed the game, as for the song it can be found here:


Don't like it. The attempted comedy falls flat, the game, while short, still overstays it's welcome because there isn't really anything to do. The platform challenges are uninspired and sometimes buggy (ducking on the treadmill works until just at the end, where you can just randomly die).
The pixelart is definitely the best thing about the game. It's charming and clear. Shame that kind of care seemed to, aside from the art style, go into the completely wrong things instead of making a more engaging and enjoyable experience.

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That's unfortunate that you didn't like it. I was pretty rushed for time and put more effort into the art as that's something I'm more comfortable with, opting to keep the game simple and concise instead. 

That being said It's unfortunate a few bugs and other issues sneaked through the cracks.

Outside of the treadmill bug (that sorry I hadn't seen on my previous playthroughs testing it) was there anything else you could offer some feedback on? I'm always looking to improve on my work and every bit of feedback is helpful

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The treadmill bug isn't exactly a bug, It's just that at the end, your character is no longer crouching but in a falling state. And if a cannonball happens to be above you it results in you dying.

EDIT:Humor and mechanics were definitely on point otherwise. I enjoyed so much of this game, the art the music and the way you have to think about your approach because you can only move left. It's an amazing piece of work.

Ah! Thank you @foolishfire that explains that then! It would be pretty easy to fix too. Thanks for letting me know I was scratching my head on that one.

Thanks for playing And I'm glad you enjoyed the game, I really appreciate it


Yeah, Foolish Fire explained the treadmill "bug". I'm not saying that I expect a Jam game to be as polished as a full release game.  It just seems a bit weird that your pixelart and platforming is so well made, but instead of getting some depth into the platforming mechanics. Instead, it's wasted (in my opinion) on joke upgrades that don't change anything of substance. That would be okay if that would go along with mechanical upgrades, but instead it's just jokes that, for me at least, did not land once. Especially when a lot of the upgrade jokes are any combination of useless and annoying. There are also little things like the elevator joke on the side being too far away, so you can only read the last two words, etc.
Add to that the fact that a lot of time is wasted on the players part because you have to wait. Wait for the platforms to get into usefull positions. Wait for the treadmill to move you left. Wait for the elevator. That just destroys any of the pacing you manage to create with the tight controls.

That's the reason why I'm even complaining. Beneath all the jokes that never landed and questionable pacing design, there is beautiful pixel art, great controls and an interesting mechanic in its limitation that might be able to be crafted into level design that webs like a metroidvania by just getting the ability to go right after 2/3 of the game.

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Thats understandable - sorry the game didn't live up to your expectations. if you'd prefer a normal platformer I've made one of those found here. A lot of the controls in that inspired the systems in my jam game. It offers a more natural Metroidvania style progression, though the humor may not gel well with you the mechanics you describe are exactly what are offered here instead.


Cool idea ! Looking forward for the finished version !

Thanks for checking it out! Much appreciated. The full version is now released (Sadly not in HTML5) I tried wrestling with that export and it would just constantly throw a bunch of weird game breaking errors at me forcing me to make a windows only version.