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i got softlocked at the star


managed to do this

i have everything (except for back to regular)

Great game!

Making a Linux release (now possible with Game Maker 2) would be nice.

Great game!!!

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If you hold right and then press down on the elevator part, You will just start sliding to the right, and since that wall has no hit box, you just fall right through the wall. you can stop the sliding by pressing left again. this allows you to keep the blue mode and the elevator music, if you want.

Cool game. Congrats on your Work.

I can't tell you how many times I've played this, it's so fun!



Loved it, there is a bug that let you stay blue

put f11 on the window verson becouse it dont fit my screen

i wanted to play this but the html 5 version shows a black screen after the title, except for the "upgrade unlocked" popups and a number in the top corner???

that's odd :/ maybe try the version on Newgrounds 

That or try refreshing the page? It's possible the game just didnt load properly 

i went to play this game after seeing a video because i found it funny and wanted to check out the other dumb options (fairy, broken radar, hungry meter) and i found a glich that stoped my run. In the Elevator, if you are pressing right and duck at some point you will slide to the right. I thought i could use it to keep the blue upgrade, but after sliding a bit too lithe the first time i saw this i tryed 2 times and after it i slided way too much and ended up out of bounds inside a wall where i could not  kill my self; nice lithe game! 

You can press R to restart, though

I feel like this was all a ploy to do be able to say 'download nothing' and 'run nothing'


Hey! Dumb question so I don't torture myself; is there any special thing that happens if you unlock everything? Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back n all.

There was going to be, but I just didn't have the time to code anything in. There is a little place that you can go to the right of the "squeaky shoes" upgrade if I remember correctly - but it's been so long since I made this I can't remember haha

No worries!



Short Video:

So I must say, what a funny game LOL. I loved this idea of being able to unlock everything from the bare basic controls to the music, a good game developer can take this game in so many ways where the player would for example, not have the ability to move, but he can still jump so he would be on this moving platform where he have to collect the the unlock controls and properly play.  

The idea of unlocking things aside from Controls was also a good extra touch, ( no spoiler, but I got a very annoying fairy ;) ) its very funny when your characters get dressed up with blocks you choose, what a fun idea.


this is amazing

love the art style!

u should make a yt


I fucking love this game! GREAT JOB!

Deleted post

so cute! Also sorry but I broke it. Multiple times.

Kind of glitchy at some parts (got stuck in walls and had to reload the game) , but it was pretty great :)


A fun and creative little game. Love how it loops in on itself.

Nice game ! :)

This game was awesome and hilarious.



I love this game so much! You've done such a good job taking a simple concept and turning it into something that gives you a real reason to play through multiple times! Good job!


I also played it and I challenged him to beat my score of 2 deaths. Spoiler - He got 3.

Here's my video - 


I have played your game and enjoyed it immensely! Such a simple concept that proved effective.

I posted this on r/indiegames and a lot of people loved it and commented on how awesome it is!

I finfished the game with blue mode on

I just jumped and pressed right and down afterwards to make me glide right.

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backtracking makes it so you can't get the "final stretch" checkpoint again, this feels like a major oversight and makes the final bit very frustrating to play. the game shouldn't punish you for exploring like that!!

(the worst part is having to ride the elevator again EVERY TIME)

i seem to have fallen down the right side of the elevator shaft by crouching in the elevator?


Maybe it's a feature to keep super secret blue mode on :)

it wont let me play on browser, why?

makes me nostalgic for newgrounds, which is a nice feeling


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I really enjoyed this game a lot!! It was super cute and fun and everything ran smoothly!! Great job!

Really well done :D
Great mechanics, good amount of humor. And that elevator music XD

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